Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wayanard Wanderer - Jan 09

Wayanard, is a small hill station in the northern part of Kerala. We at office decided to make use of a weekend to visit this place. We took a train to Mysore from where we drove down in a cab to our resort.

"Gods Land Resort", is situated off Wayanard, somewhere in the Nilgiris. So basically we were hovering between the borders of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The location of our stay was absolutely beautiful. It was located on top of a hillock with tea estates all around it.

After freshening up, we all decided to go down one of the hills to a small stream and watch the sunset.

The next day we visited a waterfall (Suchipara) and a Dam (natural dam). I spent most of my time taking photographs of places and experimenting with my camera.

The landscape near the dam was just breath taking. was amazed to see something like this in India.[at least the parts that i have visited so far]

Much of our time was taken up in trekking, visiting a cave (Edakkal Caves) and lazing around in the resort in the evenings.

It was a nice respite from work for a change..and we all needed it :)